These 12 Face Wash for every skin type that works miracle

12 best face wash for every skin type

12 best Cleansers that works miracle

Here are top best face wash for every person in india. Choose your face wash According to your skin type to work well.

1. Clean & Clear Morning Energy Aqua Splash, Blue

Clean and clear face wash is absolutely a great deal for all skin types (Normal to oily skin). It instantly gives fresh look keeping your oiliness at bay and the most importantly doesn’t clog on pores. This product is affordable and budget friendly, which is an plus. Buy Here

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2. Jovees Clarifying Fairness Face wash with Grape

This grape fruit extract cleanser is suitable for any skin type and even works well for sensitive skin. Jovees fairness wash deep cleanses your skin and removes dead skin cells that unclog pores. It also works in preventing acne-breakouts. Buy Here

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3.  Plum Hello Aloe Gentle Cleansing Lotion

Plum Hello Aloe Cleansing lotion works great for dry to very dry skin. The beast thing about this is it is SLS free, paraben free and 100% vegan that is very gentle and mild to your skin. This budget friendly vegan product helps keep your skin hydrated. The Argan oil & the Aloe Vera present gives a soothen effect on your skin. 

If you are a dry to extremely dry skin person, you should definitely try this product and your skin love you for this. Buy Here

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 4. Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam

Sebamed cleanser is actively works on deep cleaning your skin. It is infused with montaline C40 and panthenol to remove bacteria from your skin’s surface instantly. It removes dirt, grime, and makeup to leave you with squeaky clean skin. Its regular use reduces the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance of your skin and extremely suitable for dry and acne-prone skin. Buy Here

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5. Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash

Every college student’s favourite, Clean and Clear face wash is a great choice if you are on a strict budget. Like if all the oily skin that mimics those pan-fried momos you love, you go grab the pimple clearing variant of this product. Wondering how to get brighter skin for the date night, you have the clear fairness one for you. You are among those who always misses the morning energy then this one is for you. The face wash helps in removing all the dirt and excess oil from your skin and does not clog pores either. 

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6. Biotique Bio Neem Purifying Face Wash Prevents Pimples.

This fresh-foaming, 100% soap-free antibacterial cleansing gel is blended with extracts of neem leaves, ritha and kulanjan to remove impurities, prevent pimples and purify the complexion for clear, soft and pimple free skin. The best thing about this product is that

  • Pulls out impurities and cleanses the skin of impurities
  • Lathers richly
  • Reduces excess oil
  • Soap free
  • Makes skin refreshed

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7 . VLCC Ayurveda Skin Purifying Double Power Double Neem Face Wash

Dust, pollution and oily food that we live through impurities our skin leading to pimples / acne, that take away the beauty of your skin.  Neem leaf has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which is essential for oily and acne prone skin. The best part is that:

  • Known to reduce mild acne
  • Bearable fragrance
  • Foams rather well
  • Gives a cooling effect
  • Skin feels soft and supple
  • Controls excess oils
  • Purifies the skin thoroughly
  • Does not dry out oily-combination skin
  • Face appears fresh and not dull
  • Does not cause iritation on sensitive skin
  • Soap Free
  • Paraben free

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8. Neutrogena Acne wash, oil-free.

This affordable yet ultimate cleansing wash comes with salicylic acid which is the most essential ingredient for treating acne. It gently exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells that unclog pores. This is extremely an drugstore favorite product for people with acne-prone skin as it helps control oil on your skin for long time and  let you enjoy your day with oil-free smooth skin. Buy Here

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9. Kaya Clinic Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin 

This mild and soap free cleanser is originally developed by the Kaya skin Clinic. This product is loved by people with sensitive skin as it has no side effects and doesn’t let your skin dry. The natural fatty acids present in this cleanser making it safe to use for sensitive, irritated skin as well. Buy Here

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10. Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Face Wash 

Garnier, Pure Active cleanser with real neem is extremely budget friendly and works good for sensitive, acne-prone skin. The Neem extracts present in this product helps in reducing the acne without causing any irritation on skin. Garnier cleanser instantly deep cleanses your skin and removes excess oil and solves all your sensitive skin woes. 

This is an budget friendly and ultimate cleanser for sensitive skin people. Buy Here

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11. Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser

Neutrogena Pure mild cleanser is all you need for a sensitive skin. this is ultra-mild and doesn’t cause any skin irritation. This product comes with fragrance-free, oil-free and hypoallergic substance. But, the one disadvantage with this product is that it contains artificial flavour. Buy Here

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12. Mcaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face

Give your face the daily boost of clear freshness with MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Wash – a deep cleansing formula, enriched with Pure Arabica Coffee and exotic White Waterlily. This facewash removes the excess oil and dirt and gets rid of dullness from the face. A naturally-foaming formula that is SLS and Paraben free. The skin purifying ingredients clarify the skin, fight acne and pimples, and prevent them from coming back. Coffee deep cleanses and increases collagen production for youthful skin. It also helps reduce cellulite.  Buy Here

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