Best Curly Hair Care Tips At Home

Curly Hair Tips & Routine

Curly Hair!!!  Ever heard ? Your hair is so cute and wish i had curly hair too!! But only curly hair ladies/girls out there knows how tiring it is too maintain its curly structure. Getting a Good curly hair day is distressing sometimes. But not anymore! We’ve got an Solution to maintain your curls in a healthier way at home, regardless of any kind  ( loose, Springy, tight curls). Read out the article below to get an simple & amazing curly hair tips & routine.

curly hair

Your Hair loves you back when you give them a best hair care routine. 

Enjoy your bouncy wavy curls!!

Get Your Curls Done By applying these steps to your routine

1. Take-up Pre -Shampoo care for your curls

Pre-shampooing? A step before Shampooing is what it called. Curly hair girls give a gentle Pre-shampoo application before hair shower. This Practice Soothes, prevents breakage and detangles your curls naturally. 

Use a Conditioning oil or Right conditioner for this routine. Use your finger to divide & lightly detangle your hair into segments and gently apply the oil or conditioner on dry hair. Let it sit on for 15 – 20 mins. Wrap your hair with plastic cap or towel. This routine might help you save your time from struggling to detangle your curls post-shampoo.


2. Choose a right shampoo

Remember your hair needs an mild-treatment. Using a harsh-shampoo can affect your hair from being healthier. Damp it with a mild-shampoo or rejuvenating conditioner to maintain its quality and bounciness.  

Apply a mild-shampoo or cleansing liquid to your hair and not forget to divide it into sections before shampooing. Be sure to not Rub, twist, scrub or pluck your hair while shampooing and give a gently layer of shampooing and refresh your hair. While most people dilute their shampoo or cleansing liquid with distilled water to make it further harmless.

3. Picking a Right Comb to Detangle.

Isn’t it all combs are same ? You might think what bigger difference can be attained with choosing the right comb. But yeah, Choosing the right comb is essential to detangle your hair with care. Spend money on buying the quality hair comb. Always use wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair gently by dividing into section. 

It is recommended not to use brush to detangle curly hairs as it might cause damage to your hair. Brushing can repair your hair structure and increases hair fall while detangling. Invest in right comb and get the benefits.

4. Right Practice to detangle

Divide you hair into sections and always detangle the ends of your hair first and then comb from top. After shampooing, Remember to detangle your hair when its wet to get smooth, and to maintain hair structure well. Never be harsh or pull out your hair. Be gentle and smooth while detangling or combing. Avoid brushing your hair when its dry as it may loosen its curly structure and gives undefined structure to your hair.

5. Lessen Harsh chemicals

Shampooing your hair daily can cause damage to your scalp and hair. Chemicals on market base products can lead to increased hair-fall and thinning of hair and also makes your hair dry & frizzy when used everyday. Lessen your hair wash according to your hair definition, but not more than twice or thrice a week. 

6. Limit Heating tools

Heating and Styling tools can damage to your hair and leads to breakage. Minimal the usage of heat styling tools and rather opt for natural ways like ‘press and twist’ method or ‘foam rollers’ to style it on your way. If you’re an styling addict, Invest on quality tools and opt tools that contains ionic and ceramic properties. Dont forget to apply heat protection creams before styling to protect form excess damage or breakage for your hair.

7. Say no to 'Hot Shower'

Research shows that taking hair shower on hot water can lead to more hair fall and scalp becomes weaker. Switch to Cold water while taking hair bath as it makes your hair more shinier, locks down moisture and gives frizz-free smooth hair.

8. Opt for Micro-fiber towel

Does choosing right towel to dry your hair matters to maintain healthy curls? 

Yes! It does. Rough and saggy towel can make your hair frizzy and end up in unstructured curls. To avoid frizzles and to get flawless curls, opt for micro-fiber towel. Gently put on the towel on your hair and wrap it up for few minutes. Excess wetness is absorbed and gives a flawless  structure and frizz-free curls. You can even use any t-shirt to wrap up your hair.

9. Nights in satin

Resting your had on tough and craggy cotton pillowcases can be a savage for your hair. It makes your hair more tangled and leads to breakage and causes damage to your curly hair structure. Sleeve your pillow with satin cases or wrap up your hair with satin head wrap during bed-time. 

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