DIY Skincare Tips to Treat Acne-Prone Skin Naturally

Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Acne

Acne can be troublesome for most teenagers and adults these days. Getting rid of it is  really stressful. Get clear smooth skin by following the below listed simple steps and get confident and youthful-looking skin

Causes of Acne

Acne Face map – An easy way to know why and how your acne/pimples reoccurring.



Follow these simple yet effective Skincare tips to get rid of Acne and stop it from reoccurring again.

1. Cleanse Your Face

Wash your Face! one of the most essential things to do add to your skincare bucket list. 

To prevent our skin from infections and issues, it is essential to wash our face twice a day  (i.e) Morning and night. If you feel your skin looks oily and sticky,  you can even gently splash plain water on your face in the evening time. Cleansing your face is beneficial in removing all the excess oil and dirt in your pores, thus making your skin clear and oil-free.

2. Choose the Right Cleanser

” Right Face wash helps to treat Acne and gives clear skin, if not it can become worse”

Choosing the Suitable Face wash according to your skin type is important in treating your skin from acne and blemishes. Oily & acne-prone skin people can choose the face wash that contains salicylic acid , benzoyl peroxide  and sulfur for its anti-inflammatory properties. If you have sensitive skin choose a gentle cleanser. I always recommend people patch test the products before using them in your face directly. 


3. Change your Face Towel & Pillow Case Frequently

Washing your daily use face towel and changing pillowcase every 3 days is significant to avoid bacteria affecting your skin. Using a dirty and unwashed towel and the pillowcase can introduce new bacteria to your skin and which might lead to more skin infections and ACNE.

4. Don't Pop-out Pimples

 It’s Tempting! “Just can’t get over from popping out”

Our mind can’t resist squeezing out pimples especially when it is bursting stage. Squeezing and popping can make pimples get even worsen. It might lead to more infected & inflamed. If you don’t do it in the right way it can leave a permanent scar on your skin. Avoid squeezing or popping-out to avoid pimple spots on the area, apply aloe-gel and allow it to heel it naturally. Use a Proper skincare routine to avoid more pimples on your skin. Consult a Professional and take a piece of advice if your skin is affected by excess acne and pimples.

5. Don't Over Exfoliate

Yes, You saw it right! Exfoliation is an important step in skincare regime. Do not exfoliate your skin when you have active pimples, as it might worsen the healing process of pimples  and can lead to redness and inflammation on skin. “Do Exfoliate gently and smoothly and not to do more than 2 – 3 times a week .”

6. Moisturize

Adding a little moisturizing cream creates softer, smooth and hydrated, fresh-skin the next day. It helps in clearing our breakouts and reduces skin problems from arising further. Choose a right appropriate moisturizer or you can also use Home-made moisturizers for better looking balanced skin.

If you prefer to apply sunscreen and moisturizer separately then choosing a less dense moisturizer would be the right choice.


7. Don't Forget Sunscreen

Never Forget to wear Sunscreen for every occasion you spend outside on sunny days. Sunscreen protects our skin from harmful UV rays from the Sun and helps in maintaining even skin tone, (i.e) preventing dark spots and tanning. Take a Proper Skin Care Routine during Summer as those are the days when skin becomes more oil and sticky which promotes more acne and pimples.

Apply a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30+ and more. Instead of applying moisturizer and Sunscreen separately, you can also apply a moisturizer with SPF 30+ and more.

8. Hydrate


The only best way to maintain healthy skin and body is to hydrate it by consuming more and more water per day. Dehydration can cause several heat-related illness to our skin and body. It is essential to hydrate our-self to prevent our skin and body from illness and other skin-related issues. It is one of the most inexpensive and easy ways to make our skin Healthy and radiant during hot sunny days. 

9. Healthy Diet

                                                           Healthy Diet!

A Healthy and Proper Diet not only helps in maintaining weight but also promotes healthy skin and body. Reduce Oily and Sugar-based food intake and include more veggies and grains as they are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Dermatologists say that Intake of excess insulin can cause acne and inflammation. Lessen intake of junk and Switch yourself to healthy food habits.

10. Remove Makeup

After a day, removing your make-up and cleansing your face are the first step in treating your skin. It is as important as other skincare regimes as this is the source for the next step of  routine to work-well on your skin. Get a Proper Night Routine Before Sleep as skin is active during asleep and Helps repair damaged cells and Regenerate them.

I always recommend people to either use Home-made face wash powders or mild soap to deep cleanse your face. 

NOTE* Do patch test before trailing any new product or home-based powders on your skin.

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