7 Smart ways to fight away Dandruff this winter

Get rid of dandruff

Winter is here and it brought the awful skin and hair issues called dryness.

Dryness in Winters is caused due to the fall in temperature which takes a serious strike in your health. Dryness is not  limited only for skin, but also for scalp. Because of the cold weather and overheated rooms, makes dandruff more likely. Scalp dryness leads to a tiny white flakes causing itchiness and starts falling off on your shoulder. Sometimes tiny little flakes on your shoulder is not only snow flakes but also be a dandruff too. How to get rid of dandruff?

To Treat and Prevent dandruff, it is essential to use the right products and follow the seasonal haircare routine properly. You’ve got to invest in some seasonal products too! 

Here are 7 smart tips to try at home to treat and prevent dandruff from reoccurring...

1. Comb your hair adequately

Brushing your hair sufficiently increasing blood circulation thus enhancing the secretion of oils in your scalp which makes your hair & scalp healthy. A well-nourished scalp is free of white flakes.

2. Application of oil

Oil your hair twice a week before shower. Coconut oil is the best form of moisturization to your hair and scalp. Heat the oil slightly and apply warm coconut oil to your scalp 30 minutes before shower. Doing this way will fight away dryness and prevent it form dandruff.

3. Hydrate your body.

Cold Season, makes us forget to drink water which may cause dehydration to your body and scalp leading to more dandruff. It is recommended to drink at least 3 liters of water per day to keep yourself away from dryness. 

4. Change your towel

Turkish towels might be comfy to use, but the rough texture leads to more frizz to your hair. Always use a soft towel, the ideal one to use to dry your hair is the cotton t-shirt.

5. Alter your diet

The effective way to treat dandruff is to change your diet!

Include more Vitamin B, Zinc and Omega 3 Fatty acids. These are usually found in walnuts, eggs, Fish, banana, leafy vegetables etc. Limit your intake of sugar and substitute it will jaggery or raw honey.

6. Avoid Coloring your hair

Dandruff and Itchy scalp gets more aggravated with the usage of chemical hair colors, strong hair products and other other styling tools. Avoid using these during winters. 

7. Reduce excess shampooing

Avoid washing your hair too often. As it may cause dryness in your scalp and leads to dandruff. Recommended to wash your hair not more than thrice a week. Wash you hair using lukewarm or cold water , but not with hot water, to keep dandruff at bay. 

Here is a list of few Home-remedies to Get rid of dandruff...

Tea Tree oil :

Tea tree oil works great to restore moisture in your scalp. Dilute Tea tree oil in water and massage in your scalp twice a week to get rid of dandruff.

Allicins :

Onions and garlic is rich in allicin levels, which works as an anti-fungal treatment. Apply onion juice or garlic juice to your scalp and wash it after 20 minutes. 

Neem leaf :

Neem is enhanced with  anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which helps to nourish and treat your scalp dryness. Apply neem leaves paste and wash it off after 15 mins. Repeat twice a week for better results.

Apple cider vinegar :

Similar to tea tree oil , ACV also works well to treat dandruff. Dilute ACV in water and spray the mixture on your scalp and wash it off with mild shampoo after 10 mins. 

Lemon and Honey :

Lemon is a natural remedy to keep scalp itchiness at bay and Honey helps to restore your scalp moisture and prevents from dryness. Apply the mixture and let it sit for 10 mins and wash-off with mild shampoo.

Things to Remember :

  • Gently Massage shampoo to your scalp and do nut rub more vigorously as it may cause rashes and enhances dryness. Be gentle and smooth while washing your hair.
  •  If you want to try out any Herbal shampoos, make sure you patch test before using it. Most people might experience allergic to some herbs and may develop redness on your scalp. 
  •  Shampoos that are meant to treat dandruff usually direct you to allow shampoo to sit on your scalp for  2 or 3 minutes to get better results. Do read the description thoroughly and proceed accordingly.
  • Try out some of the Best Natural homemade masks to get rid of dryness and frizzy hair. Get Naturally smooth, strong and gorgeous hair.

With above tips and tricks get rid of dandruff and dry scalp and get a strong, nourished and healthy hair this winter.

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