Top 13 best Essential oils & its benefits

Top 10+ Essential Oils To Stimulate Healthy, Glowing and clear skin

Essential Oils – “Add these centuries lasting method to your skincare Routine – and get a glowing glam look”

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Essential Oils And It's Benefits

Argan Essential Oils

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Vitamin and Fatty acids rich, Argan oil is beneficial in treating Acne & black Spots, Regulates secretion of Sebum and very effective in treating wrinkles and Promotes smoother and moisturized skin.  Apply the oil and you’ll see the results of Argan oil promptly.

Clove Essential Oils

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For those of you who wants to look Radiant and youthful looking skin, Clove oil is the best option. It works as an excellent anti-aging oil, thus removing dead skin-cells and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  It is also essential in treating toothaches.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

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As an Antiseptic and Astringent, this essential oil is effective in treating skin irritation and other skin condition like Eczema, Acne and dermatitis. It is also beneficial in Closing the large pores and flatten breakouts resulting in promoting smooth skin complexion.

Vetiver Essential Oils

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It has not only anti-aging properties but also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are effective in clearing the acne spots and stretch marks. If your skin is affected by excess pollution, then this oil is one of the best to treat your polluted skin.  

Jojoba Essential Oils

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Vitamin E and B complex rich, Jojoba oil soothes Dry skin and moisturizes your skin. It also repairs damaged skin and fungal infections. Just adding few drops of Jojoba oil to your regular shampoo, boosts hair growth and helpful in treating dry scalp and prevents hair-loss.

Tea Tree Oil

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Are you one of them want to get rid of acne-prone skin, Tea tree oil is most effective in treating it.. As most us know, that tea tree oil is contained with antimicrobial properties, which helps cure acne, fungal issues and dandruff. This is the best oil for those who want to clear acne  spots and   get a clear smooth skin.

Rosehip Essential Oils

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This oil is a package of Fatty acids, Antioxidant and Several Vitamins. Rose hip oil is an natural exfoliate and a skin brightening agent. It protects and prevents skin against UV damage & leaves moisturized and hydrated healthy skin.

Roman Chamomile Oil

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Calming and Soothing, Chamomile oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that helps healing wounds, redness and helps in revitalize and hydrate your skin. This gentle oil minimizes the pores and fine lines & wrinkles that appear near eye area.

Lavender Oil

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Lavender oil is a great pick among all essential oils. If you’re prone to skin irritation or sun burns, then this oil helps you treat these problems. It’s calming, nourishing nature relaxes your skin and gives you a young Radiant looks.

Rosemary Oil

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If you’re prone to dry or itchy skin/scalp, Rosemary oil is a good option to treat dry skin issues. It also stimulates hair growth and promotes healthier scalp. It also conditions your hair to look healthy and smooth.

Sweet Orange Oil

Sweet orange essential oil has amazing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in it. Using it regularly can boosts Vitamin C in your skin, which reduces dark spots and blemishes. You can add few drops of this oil to your moisturizer to boosts your skin glow and to get a youthful skin.

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