It is always recommended as an important step to take care of your skin in order to maintain it healthy and glowing. And because our skin cells regenerates at night time it is the right time to pamper our-self with simple skincare routine. As an acne-prone skin type person , i always follow my Night time Skin Care Routine to treat acne and pigmentation spots and to prevent anti-aging.

skin care

Basic Night time
Skin Care Routine


After a day, removing your make-up and cleansing your face are the first step in treating your skin. cleansing helps in removing all excess-dirt and oil from your skin pores and leaves your skin fresh and clear. It is also significant as it is the source for the next step of routine to absorb and work-well on skin.

I always recommend people to either use Home-made face wash powders or mild soap to deep cleanse your face. 

NOTE* Do patch test before trailing any new product or home based powders on your skin.


After cleansing my face with natural home-made powder, i like to hydrate my face with toner as it boosts hydration to my skin from becoming dehydrated/dry. After washing your face, Follow with just slightly damping Toner on your face using cotton pads or just with your clean hands

Toners are water-like substance that are quick absorbing product that helps in keeping your pores clean, moisturizing, hydrating and balancing pH level of your skin and also helps control pimples and acne spots.

Recommended to use Natural Home-made toners for healthy and hydrated skin.

NOTE* Do patch test before using any new product or home based toners on your skin.


Bed-time is essential to keep your mind fresh, as well as your skin. Adding a little moisturizing cream to creates softer, smooth and hydrated, fresh-skin the next day. It also helps in clearing our breakouts and reduces skin problems from arising further.

Finding your right moisturizer for your skin might be a difficult process. As it takes time to choose the best one that doesn’t clog into your pores and becomes too oily. Choose a right appropriate moisturizer or you can also use Home-made moisturizers for better looking balanced skin.


Applying Eye cream at night can reduce under eye-bags and puffiness. But the rule is that if you’re using eye cream that is denser and richer than your moisturizer then use it before applying moisturizer (or) you can follow this with moisturizer.

Pick a small amount of cream on your finger and gently pat it under your eye And keep patting until it absorbs well.

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